16 June 2016

#ADD16 a window on the automotive industry future


Automotive Dealer Day confirms itself as the B2B leader event in Europe for the automotive industry, with an edition that saw more than 60 speakers talking in different rooms organized in 26 sessions between workshop and masterclass.

The Content Program analyzed the industry’s current situation, focusing on the main themes of the 14th edition. Customer experience, digital marketing and social media, human resources and coworkers, used cars and after sales market are only some of the topics of Automotive Dealer Day 2016 that focused on new ecosystems, business scenery for dealers and retail in an omnichannel perspective. Experiences of successfull dealers, voices of experts and testimonyies extra-industry confirmed the annual date organized by Quintegia as an innovative hub for the development of sectorial influences and strategic sinergyies, in order to create a relations’ network between carmakers, dealers and other players involved in the automotive indystry in a dinamic and proactive perspective.