13 March 2020

Automotive Dealer Day – New dates: 15th-16th-17th September 2020 in Verona

For the first time in 18 years the schedule of Automotive Dealer Day has been placed at risk due to the development of recent events linked to Covid-19 and by the related risks and uncertainties. Considered the current limitations by law, the current and prospective impact on behaviors and attitudes, plus the importance that Quintegia attributes to minimizing risks for individuals and for companies linked to its own events, in a measure that exceeds existing regulations, the company has rescheduled the 18th edition of Automotive Dealer Day that will not take place on 19th-20th-21st May 2020 as originally foreseen but on 15th-16th-17th September 2020. As always, Quintegia will continue to strive to design and implement events dedicated to automotive and mobility players, plus many other initiatives.

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