9 January 2013

Bringing strategic innovation inside the dealership

The arrival of digital is pervasively changing the
approach to the management of companies. The digital business development
strategies, the information on the web and the online communication have become
key topics for all entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, the HR involvement, the activation
of creative dynamics and simple processes are increasingly contributing to the
innovation and improvement of business performances.

In a difficult period like the one that
the automotive sector is facing, it becomes strategic to take advantage of the
energies of all human resources involved in an integrated view. Beside these
new topics, the control of all
business areas, the arrangement of efficiency and sustainability indicators and
the attention to the customer needs are essential to manage a dealership. On
the whole, dealer entrepreneurs have to follow a strategic innovation in order
to bring the company into a new context which has deeply changed.

The Master in Dealer Management by
Automotive Dealer Academy (www.audea.it), the expertise lab of Quintegia, now in its 8th
edition, is a training program completely renovated which looks into the future, taking
on the areas involved in the dealership business management, giving ideas for
the improvement of skills, operative methods and strategic view to face the
reorganization. The new course starts in Treviso on January, 15th 2013 and will
end in Verona on May 2013 with sessions inside Automotive Dealer Day.