1 August 2013

DealerSTAT 2013 Report to Manufacturers

After the preview
presentation of DealerSTAT results about dealers’ satisfaction during Automotive
Dealer Day (May, 15th 2013, Verona), the production of personalized reports for
Car Makers has begun. In 2013 more than 20 cars and light commercial vehicles brands have
used DealerSTAT as a working tool with the network, and many operators like
providers of financial, insurance, used-cars warranties and DMS services, have required
the complete results of their own areas of interest. As a matter of fact, since last year, sections
dedicated to the monitoring of dealers’ satisfaction towards manufacturers external
suppliers have been present in the survey.

The DealerSTAT report does not represent only an indication of results, but a
real personalized in-depth study that highlights strong and weak points and
trends through analysis and qualitative comments. This activity requires a
specific work for each brand and the output production takes a few weeks. In
order to meet the management needs of promptness in receiving data, this year we
have foreseen a document, delivered earlier than the report, called Executive
Overview DealerSTAT including a synthetic, effective and immediate brand

Furthermore, in this period the Centro Ricerche team has presented the study results to many Manufacturers. This occasion is very useful both for top
management, to examine data regarding satisfaction of their dealers
network in depth, and for Quintegia, to collect interesting developing ideas of the

Information and in-depth analysis on the following website www.dealerstat.it