3 July 2012

Digital dealer and social media: Jared Hamilton’s perspective


Hamilton, founder of DrivingSales.com, professionally grown at his family’s
dealerships in Silicon Valley and trained at NADA Academy, Babson College and
Northwood University, shared his professional experience with Automotive Dealer
Day participants, reporting several anecdotes and operational tips on how to take
advantage of technology and social media to improve the dealership performance.

to Jared, the three pillars of success making good use of new technologies are:
a marketing plan specifically conceived for the internet, processes tailored on
the different typologies of customers and an organized and flexible structure
clearly stating everyone’s responsibilities.

social media are essential plugs for the business. In order to shape a winning
strategy it is thus necessary to:

  • Define
    the objectives and consequently design the most suitable web platform, starting
    from the existing ones
  • Build
    the assets on different platforms available on the web (e.g. blogs, media
    sharing, wiki, ratings, micro-blogging, social news, location, social networks,
    flash sales)
  • Involve
    the customers, making them producing the contents to be published on the social
    platforms: schedule articles to be written by employees and to be published on
    blogs, social networks, etc.
  • Measure
    the results through free, easy and prompt tools of analysis

The uncut recording, in the original language,
of the workshop ‘Digital Dealer and social media’ is available on Quintegia.TV