The events, imagined by Quintegia, integrate data sharing, information and best practices with the opportunity of dialogue, discussion and networking.
Besides its activities in the auto industry, Quintegia also explores other businesses by fostering cross-industry contamination in a strategy innovation perspective.

Verona, May 15 th-16th-17th, 2018
Automotive Dealer Day is the leading European event dedicated to the automotive distribution industry. Unique opportunity for insights and information, products and solutions, discussion and networking in an independent context, it includes a program made of workshops about relevant themes (trends on car distribution systems, dealer business upgrade, omni-channel dynamics, digital innovation, mobility services and more).
Every year the event gathers more than 4.000 participants: dealers of every size, carmakers managers, providers of products and services. Also other professionals coming from different countries join the event, that they consider an interesting strategic and relational “pit stop” for the automotive distribution industry.
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Milan, January 25th, 2018
Quintegia Partner Meeting is the event dedicated to the automotive professionals. Experts and members of the Team present contents about the companies ecosystems, that revolves around the auto industry, and the preview of activities and events imagined by Quintegia.
The event is dedicated to a chosen audience of companies representatives that believe in Quintegia’s activities, support them or want to be part of them.
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Milan, October 2017
Brandy is an unique opportunity to take a look at the future of brands. An analysis of digital technologies and human resources, rethinking Made in Italy and looking at interesting brand stories.
The event is addressed to CEO, entrepreneurs, marketing managers, digital manager/officer, social media manager, retail managers, e-commerce managers, HR managers, consultants, trainers, academics, startuppers, journalists & anyone with a vested interest for brands and their ecosystem.
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Milan, October 2017
Automotive Forum is a space of discussion about the car distribution industry. Communication, business strategy, dealer management, used cars, after-sales and digital technologies are discussed thanks to the best practices of some dealers and the voices of experts.
The event is mainly dedicated to dealerships owners and managers, carmakers managers and providers.
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