8 January 2013

How much satisfied is it possible to be in a market of 1.400.000 cars?

The relationship between the manufacturer and the dealers is certainly very thorny and these days it becomes extremely delicate due to the tensions fomented by the disappointing results.

The network sustainability is a strategic imperative to be reached through shared paths of development. They are not so easy to put in place, considering the volatile and conditioned market where also the commercial campaigns show now a low effectiveness.

In this context, the survey DealerSTAT 2013 (www.dealerstat.it) plays a big role. It starts in February with a questionnaire focused on the peculiarities of the sector circumstances. Since 2004, the study has been monitoring the dealers’ appreciation level with respect to the different aspects of their mandate, involving 36 car brands and the main commercial vehicles.

Who is the one able to balance the aspects or elements of the strategy manufacturer- network? And to be effective concerning policies and business supportive systems? As usual, data will be previewed during the Forum of Automotive Dealer Day on15 May in Verona.

In the last few years, many distribution networks have been re-organised, but a lot is yet to come. Their structure is always evolving and Quintegia is constantly monitoring the dynamics (in Italy) thanks to the Dealer Network Benchmarking project. The study consists in mapping dealers and authorised repairers. Then this is completed, on the European level, with the European Car Distribution Handbook, whose publishing rights have been recently bought by the ICDP (International Car Distribution Programme), an international survey network with whom Quintegia has been collaborating for a long time.