11 January 2016

Human capital, brand, big data as key elements in a new contest


We definitely have to do SEO, in other words we need to optimize search engines in order to be found online, but as our friend Jared Hamilton says our biggest investment is in people, that’s why we have to focus on HCO, that is Human Capital Optimization.

This is one of the hint from last October’s “Driving Sales Executive Summit” in Las Vegas, in which Jared gathered innovators and companies sensitive to changes, integrating among speakers the former Navy Seals Leif Babin (heard at the Automotive Dealer Day 2015), together with his former Head of Unit Jocko Willink, now co-authors of a book about their experiences. Another stimulating event in Las Vegas has been the Automotive Marketing Roundtable of JD Power, filled with ideas on how the communication is changing, in particular on how more and more data about the client are used to segment the communication and during real time negotiations.

During the Chinese Dealer’s Convention in Xiamen (November) has been very interesting hearing about dealer’s brand as an essential work tool next to carmakers’ brand. The Chinese Market is now controlled by customers both for growth rates, highly reduced compared to the past, and for the huge spread of smartphones and social media, that draws a picture of a chinese customer very inclined to e-commerce.

In the CEO Roundtable organized by Fashion Magazine in Milan (November), in which has been given wide space to digital themes, Furla CEO Eraldo Poletto highlighted that we don’t need to create a digital division in the firm, but it’s the entire company that has to learn how to become digital and then maybe handle traditional channels. Zalando’s CEO David Schneider stressed out the importance of apps, that by now represent in our smartphones new spaces in which trying to secure ourselves a certain visibility.


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