28 March 2013

Innovation to face a different market

Innovation is no longer an option, it must be part of
the standard equipment of each operator in the automotive industry.

The automotive sector has deeply changed over the last 20 years. The pace in
introducing new devices and contents has been accelerated, and also the design has recently
gained a new attention.

In addition, consumers have changed and also their approach to the
autos; an important role is played by digital technologies, more and more
widespread and commonly used to gather information, make choices and select the
target which meets the own needs.

It is necessary to change the approach to the company management, to adapt
ourselves to the new current context which requires a deep review in the focus
dedicated to the different business areas of the dealership.

Innovative solutions, ideas and new ways to manage processes and people are at
the base of the Managing Innovation Award 2013. Even if the innovation could
without any doubt give a competitive differential to those who practice it, it
is commonly thought that the facilitation of a sharing circuit including
innovative processes could be positive for the whole sector.

As a matter of fact, it has been highlighted that innovation works better through “open” ways with the company that obtains knowledge and incentives
from outside, which later are re-elaborated inside in an original way.

The contest will be open until April, 22nd 2013, for rules and regulation, please click here.

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