6 December 2011

Nada @ Las Vegas: Here we go!


Get ready! The 2012 edition of the NADA Convention [&] Expo (www.nadaconventionandexpo.org) is only a little over two months away. The Convention is the world’s main event dedicated to Dealers, attended by about 20,000 automotive distribution professionals each year.


Once again, this year Quintegia will head the Italian delegation flying to Las Vegas from February 3rd to 6th 2012.


The event is organized by the National Automobile Dealers Association, founded in 1917 and currently representing over 17,000 Dealers (91% of the total), 37,500 sales franchises and 1 million employees.


The programme features speeches by outstanding names such as Sergio Marchionne, George W. Bush and Aron Ralston (climber and inspirer of the recent film “127 hours”).


Once again this year Quintegia will participate with the Italian delegation to meet professionals from the world over and take part in the different workshops (it must be
remembered that the significant Italian participation led for the first time four years ago to the translation of the main workshops in a foreign language, Italian).


Leisure and networking moments are a must-have of the event, including the exclusive International Reception by Quintegia Automotive Interactions, this year scheduled for Sunday February 5th at Mix Las Vegas’s scenic terrace. The event will be attended by prominent international guests and by NADA top managers.


If you are interested in taking part in the event with Quintegia and the Italian delegation please contact us to enjoy a special registration fee to the Nada Convention [&] Expo, take advantage of the Italian translation of the most interesting workshops and attend the International Reception by Quintegia Automotive Interactions.