16 February 2018

Press Release – In Milan Quintegia Partner Meeting, an event for automotive industry players

The first Quintegia event of the year
In Milan Quintegia Partner Meeting, an event for automotive industry players
Among the news, the presentation of the 16th edition of Automotive Dealer Day and the preview of Service Day

On January 25th Quintegia Partner Meeting has been held in Milan, an event dedicated to companies in the car distribution industry where many speakers shared data and useful information to support participants in orienting in the business.
During the day, it has been presented Automotive Dealer Day 2018 and the preview of Service Day, the new Quintegia event in collaboration with AsConAuto.

The auto industry is in full transformation and has plenty of business opportunities. But how can people orient themselves among new forms of mobility, motorization, technology always more pervasive?
On one hand it’s fundamental being aware of how the auto ecosystem is evolving, which are the market trends, how carmakers and dealers are moving, but it’s also important looking beyond, innovating in a context always more directed to the passage from a product- to a service- orientation, with a growing attention to customers in a logic of omnichannel relation.
In business it’s necessary proceeding with an ambidextrous approach, the same at the base of Quintegia events.

The payoff of the 2018 edition of Automotive Dealer Day, scheduled in Verona on May 15th-16th-17th, is “Open for Business”.
Among the themes: the passage from a product- to a service- orientation, the customer experience for loyalty and profits, the integration between physical and digital dimensions, the dealer business, mergers and acquisition, with a specific focus on people and technology. Contents try to intercept aspects of interest for dealers, carmakers and other providers of products and services.
Confirmed in this 16th edition: Institutional figures such as Albert Gallegos from NADA (USA), participation of digital players like Facebook and Google, trends on reorganization and value with Kerrigan Advisors, contributions from carmaker managers, insights from top dealers and voices on the mobility of the future.
Even this year more than 4.000 participants are expected to join the leading event in Europe for car distribution industry, with the participation of over 15 carmakers, more than 70 providers in the Business Area and national and foreign press operators.

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The first ever edition of Service Day is going to take place from the 16th to the 18th of November in Brescia. The initiative follows the Automotive Dealer Day model and it’s dedicated to service operators. Among the themes: after-sales market, workshop management, customer relation, digital marketing and law and administrative aspects. Contents will be declined in many ways for the three different targets of the event: owners, service managers and authorized repairers, independent operators.

More than 3.000 participants are expected, for a division – the service one – that in 2015 counted more than 48.000 operators and that in Italy is worth about 30 billion euros.

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