The Research Center realizes studies and analysis in the automotive industry. The projects benefit from knowledges and competences acquired over the years, handed down by the academic research group, nourished by the multiple tiers relations network – dealers, carmakers, providers – and matured with the experience also in the International sphere through ICDP (International Car Distribution Programme).

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Dealers Satisfaction

Beyond the DealerSTAT survey, there are training projects to improve the network support, aimed to the identification of areas of intervention, priorities and plans of action. These activities, developed on request, are addressed to carmakers and providers and allow the strengthening of the communication channel with commercial partners.

Networks Monitoring

Dealer networks and car repairers, LCV, trucks and motorcycles are constantly monitored through the integrated mapping of geo-localization. This is the basis for the Dealer Network Benchmarking study that analyzes the distribution structure and the performances of licensed networks, providing a detailed framework of players and ongoing dynamics.

Basis for strategic decisions

Projects and in-depth analysis on current and specific themes, such as digital, used-cars, after-sales, fleets, financial services, Top Dealers, standards. They provide quantity and quality information from several sources, summarized with advanced methodologies, to offer updated and reliable scenarios for discussion.


Studying the Customer Journey means overcoming a strict and structured vision to land on the definition of specific sets of modules for moment and personas.
Starting from this approach, Quintegia suggests dedicated projects capable of providing elements for a strategic and operative orientation supporting the construction of an effective Customer Experience and capable of answering to the new customer needs in an innovative way.

Research Projects
Survey on the carmaker-dealers network relation

The DealerSTAT survey analyzes the relation between carmaker and network through the level of Italian dealer satisfaction. The study takes into consideration different aspects of the franchise relation and the single management activities through a survey made of more than 100 questions, aimed at identifying the points of strength and weakness but most of all the critical areas and the room for improvement for each brand.

Dealers and repairers database of brands operating in Italy

Study activity and dealers and repairers update in Italy with the purpose of creating an up-to-date yearly database of the national distribution network situation for the different carmakers brands.

Mapping licensed networks of sales and assistance

Benchmarking study among main car dealer networks operating in the Italian market, with the purpose of foreseeing which strategic orientation could characterize the carmakers taken into consideration. The report forecasts the quantity and quality analysis of the licensed car networks structure, both in sales and after-sales.

Geo-localized analysis of sales and assistance network

Integrated mapping activity on structure and performance of networks of all licensed distribution professionals, referred to sales and after-sales for the main brands of cars, LCV, trucks and motorcycles.

Journeys dedicated to dealer satisfaction and engagement

Quintegia, in the study of dealer satisfaction, offers training journeys for the identification of targeted improvement actions for carmakers, financial companies and providers.

Standards mapping

Another relevant study conducted periodically concerns the complete mapping of standards required by carmakers to dealers, regarding financial topics, structure and human resources, both in sales and after-sales.

Digital Transformation


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