5 December 2018

Service Day, a new event focused on the after-sales business

On November 16th-17th-18th, Quintegia and AsConAuto held the first edition of Service Day, a new event that aim at becoming the reference point for all players in the automotive after-sales business, a moment of professional update and discussion on the main topics that fuel this industry. The participation of over 2500 people, representatives of repair shops, body shops, dealers and carmakers, proved the success of this project. The workshops in Agenda focused not only on technologies and market trends, but also and mostly on service, that in this context has gained a primary importance, even beyond the product. All this was possible thanks to the support of more than 30 companies and 7 carmakers that have sustained this project from the very beginning and have enlivened the Business Area during the 3-day event.

The after-sales business is living great transformations and the operators have shown their need to update, meet and widen their competences to other areas such as customer experience, team management and business management, aspects that could ensure competitiveness and efficiency to all players, regardless of the dimension of their turnover, staff or brands represented.

The interest and satisfaction detected from the participants feedbacks offered an important spark that determines the great spaces of growth that this industry has the interest to explore.

A seed has therefore been planted: the goal of the organization is to keep working in the next few months to foster the growth of this event, towards an increase of the companies and the people involved and a constant elaboration of the transformations that are affecting this industry. On this note, see you next year!