3 July 2012

Several international guests at Automotive Dealer Day


The last
Automotive Dealer Day edition has seen a large international attendance, with more
than 250 international participants.

Besides USA
and Brazil, 12 European countries were represented at the event, in particular
Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic, Russia,
Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

The events drawing
the attention of international guests took place over the three days of the
main event. Among them, the main appointment has been the ECD/CECRA meeting,
i.e. the annual meeting of the European federation of dealers associations that
took place on May 15th, with the aim of presenting the working
groups activities and of sharing dealers’ experiences and strategies to face
the drop in market demand. Among the speakers, there were Trevor Finn
(Pendragon CEO), Jaap Timmer (ECD chairman) and Albert Gallegos (NADA
International Relations Director).

In the
following two days, international guests were able to participate to the
different workshops part of the ‘International Track’, a strand of meetings
specifically designed for an audience of professionals coming from various
countries and entirely held in English. Moreover, some workshops belonging to
other thematic strands envisaged English translation so as to allow all the
participants to follow those meeting sessions.

audience was reserved also two side events. On May 15th ‘Dealers of
the World’ dinner took place at the romantic Romeo [&] Juliet balcony, a
unique location where guests were able to taste local wines and food, retracing
one of the most famous love stories in literature, thanks to the live
performance of actors and musicians. The following day, the International
Breakfast took was held at the International Lounge within the business area, as
a networking occasion and a further knowledge and confrontation opportunity.