21 November 2011

The 7th edition of the Master of Dealer Management is now underway


On Tuesday November 15th and Wednesday 16th Treviso hosted the first session of the 7th edition of the Master of Dealer Management by Audea.


The class assembled at the Quintegia headquarters to attend the opening lecture by Luca Montagner (Quintegia – ICDP), who illustrated the evolution of the competitive and strategic scenario.


The afternoon lecture by Leonardo Buzzavo (Università Ca’ Foscari, Venice) dealt with Dealer marketing, which comprises marketing strategy, how to obtain detailed consumer information, segmentation processes and more generally the integrated
management of the marketing mix.


Miriam Bertoli was the first speaker of the following day and involved the students in a discussion on web marketing and social media.


Lastly, Junior Cardoso (Autosat) closed the second and last day of the first session by discussing management innovation in general and presenting the Private Live Auction, a project that earned Autosat the Management Innovation Award in 2011.


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