18 April 2014

The Astronaut Paolo Nespoli at Automotive Dealer Day 2014


In addition to the traditional themes, Automotive Dealer Day suggests contents and points of view from other sectors, as stimuli that increase the growing path of the operators of the automotive distribution.

During the last years, several important person has attended this event: Pierluigi Collina, ex International referee and Italian referee manager, Coach Dan Peterson, basket coach, journalist and newscaster, Rossano Galtarossa Olympic champion in rowing, Jury Chechi “The Lord of the Rings”, Pietro Trabucchi sport psychologist but also Enrico Bertolino as both comedian and trainer, Ennio Doris entrepreneur in the financial sector, Roberto Bonzio journalist and last but not least Oliviero Toscani photographer and advertiser, author of some of the most important advertising campaigns of the last 10 years.

To look beyond, from a more favorite point of view, this year the Content Program will present a session in which Paolo Nespoli, Astronaut of ESA – European Space Agency – will describe his 159-days-experience to the International Space Station with some useful personal and company references

While navigating our lives day by day we hardly manage to gain new viewpoints and to fully understand the relationship between ourselves and all the things around us, both on a personal and professional level. Paolo Nespoli has spent six months in Space and from up there, while living in the absence of gravity, dealing with emergency situations, looking at Earth from above, he has understood some key things about our everyday lives. Join this extraordinary session where this Italian astronaut tells us, who live on Earth, the lessons that he has learned up in Space. While in orbit (and during his long and demanding training to become an astronaut), Nespoli has gained practical and philosophical notions. Living without gravity he has learned to acquire new habits and to go back being a child to start over and learn how to live in a reality in which the things we take for granted are quite different from what we are used to. Constantly forced to achieve maximum performance he has learned to work in a team, to manage unexpected events, to optimize time, to acknowledge his own limits and to learn from his own mistakes. He has learned that dreams must be nurtured with care but at some stage, if one really wants to make them come true, one must wake up. If we look ahead, if we aim high, then we realize that the stars are not that far. We can understand through vertigo how things change when observed from another vantage point.
Thursday, May 22nd 2014 / Sala BLU (Blue Room) / 9:30 am – 10:30 am (in Italian with translation over earphones in English)

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