30 November 2017

The automotive in China between the transformation into a market of buyers and the quality of the offer

The focus relocation from a market of sellers to a market of buyers, a slower growth compared to the past and the increasing attention to products and services quality. These are the fundamental matters that enliven the automotive world in the Chinese market and that have been the discussion topics during the Chairman Speech of the last CADA Convention.

The market analysis has certified that times of fast growth seem far away and unlikely recoverable, even though the increase between 2016 (filed with a +5,6%) and 2017 valuations (expected at +6,5%). Specific sale trends reveal a sort of difficulty for the passenger car division with, on the contrary, a positive pulling concerning LCV and trucks, the actual support to the market.

The car business seems to be in good health even though some difficulties in the management of different brands inside the same dealership can be registered, worsened by some relations problems between dealers and OEM. To overcome these problems the association intends to invest in intra-brands meetings and in the dialog with producers, focusing on attention to consumes, customer experience, offer of quality services and customized training programs.

In spite of the spreading use of WeChat for commercial relations, the well-known instant messaging platform, the Chinese market sees a lacking spread of e-commerce although a growing attention to this matter and more in general towards technology evolution.

The 2017 ends with the Quintegia participation to the CADA Convention, hosted in the gorgeous and modern city of Suzhou, near Shanghai. Different members of the Quintegia Team have also joined the 100th edition of the NADA Convention & Expo in New Orleans on January, exchanged with Chairman Mark N. Scarpelli participation to ADDXV, and the Congresso & ExpoFenabrave in São Paulo on August.