22 February 2013

The turning point for the automotive sector: Automotive Dealer Day 2013


How to deal with the automotive sector rearrangement? How does the dealers’ business change? How do marketing, sales channels and relationships with consumers change? What is the impact of digital technologies and how can their potential be exploited?

These are some of the questions to which the Automotive Dealer Day 2013, scheduled for 14-15-16 May in Verona, will try to answer.

At its 11th edition, after 10 years of communication and networking in a unique context, the Automotive Dealer Day is today the European reference event for the opinion leaders and decision makers of the automotive sector.

The event, as an informative and strategic platform, represents an independent context, where dealers, manufacturers and all the companies of the automotive production chain have the opportunity to gather.

The Automotive Dealer Day is based on a composition, original and unique in Europe, that inserts workshop programs, a wide business area and different initiatives and collateral events.

In the 2013 edition the traditional topics related to the Car Distribution and Services are completed with contents referred to the new kind of relations between companies, brand and consumers (Automotive Brand Marketing) and the analysis of the impact created by the digital technologies (Digital Autolab) together with the experiences of other sectors.