22 February 2013

We need transversal incentives: in Milan, vision, marketing and technology for the car distribution


Last 5th February the Automotive Dealer Day Network Meeting took place at the East End Studios in Milan (click here to check the event photo gallery).

More than 100 of the most important companies of the automotive production chain, of the manufacturer, and of operators in the digital, marketing and communications sectors attended the event to know the new Automotive Dealer Day.

The daily agenda involved analysis in-depth and moments of interaction among the participants, technologies and usage of social media; the same elements will distinguish the Automotive Dealer Day 2013, together with the official hash tag #add13.

Opening the event, Leonardo Buzzavo (Quintegia – Ca’ Foscari University of Venice) suggested some incentives to innovate a sector, which still has the chance to grow and develop.

Tommaso Bortolomiol (Quintegia) presented the eleventh Automotive Dealer Day edition. This year, after a decade, it will involve two new streams: the Automotive Brand Marketing and the Digital Autolab that will combine with the traditional Car Distribution and Services.

Different innovations and technologies will be part of the event format; the participants will be more involved and companies will benefit from the opportunities offered by the digital. An example has been given through the usage of Twitter and QR Codes.

In the afternoon, Romano Cappellari (Padova University – Cuoa Foundation) talked about the new relations between brand, sale channels and consumers, while Aberto Chiapponi (H-art) explained the participants how to integrate on-line and off-line in the different advertising channels.

At the end Gabriele Maramieri and Luca Montagner went through the evolution of the car distribution, focusing on the market scenarios and on the consumer.

The appointment for the Automotive Dealer Day is scheduled for 14-15-16 May 2013 in Verona!!