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A strategic partner for automotive players

Since 2003, Quintegia has built a network of relationships with all major players operating in the automotive industry, establishing as a key strategic and operational partner for dealers, brands, and companies in the automotive industry. Quintegia also collaborates with institutions and industry associations as an experienced and expert entity.

Some of our partners

Assifriuli Group
Logo Auto Industriale
Logo Bonera
Eurocar Italia
Gruppo Bossoni
Guppo Ferrari Motors Move

Some of our partners

Logo Aiways
Logo Audi
Logo Benetau
Logo BMW
Logo DR
Logo Evo
Logo FCA
Logo Ford
Logo Hyundai
Logo Jaguar
Logo Kia
Logo Lamborghini
Logo Land Rover
Logo Lexus
Logo Mercedes
Logo Mini
Logo Porsche
Logo PSA
Logo RCI Bank
Logo Renault
Logo Smart
Logo Suzuki
Logo Toyota
Logo Trignano
Logo Volkswagen Group Italia
Logo Volvo

Some of our partners

Logo American Express
Logo Auto1
Logo Autoscout 24
Logo Findomestic
Logo Motus-E
Logo Subito

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