Welcome to Quintegia

Innovation via Research, Competences and Networking

Quintegia is a strategic and operational partner for automotive industry players, a driver of innovation and continuous evolution through expert study and business relationships.

Quintegia ecosystem

The automotive distribution industry, which includes dealers, car makers, institutions and business providers.

Skills and activities

Analysis, studies and research, planning of tailor-made training paths, organization of internationally relevant B2B events, and offer of services.

Do you want to innovate your business?



A strategy articulated in 5 key business areas for automotive distribution professionals, integrating research activities with training and services, in a comprehensive work plan, essential for every company’s development and growth.


Retail Channels


Tech / Digital







"Impresa per i Bambini"

Quintegia has chosen to support the activities of Save the Children, the International Organization that has been fighting for over 100 years to save the children at risk and ensure them a future, by joining the “Impresa per I Bambini” Program through a donation, aimed at promoting and protecting the rights of minors in Italy and in every part of the world, according to the UN Convention on the Rights of Childhood.

This decision reflects the attention that Quintegia has always paid to the aspects of education and training, the only way to fight poverty and inequalities in the world.