Analysis from the consumers’ point of view


This report presents results for Italy from the largest survey of European consumers to date focused on attitudes toward buying electric cars.
The goal is to understand how consumers make decisions and, as a result, how their purchasing behaviors will influence the evolution of demand for different vehicle engines between now and 2050.


The study involved 7 European countries, including Italy (Germany, UK, France, Spain, Poland, Netherlands). These countries are representative as together they make up 80% of European registrations (EU, EFTA and UK).

The sample surveyed consists of people who have purchased a new car in the past 5 years or are actively looking for one.

In detail, 2,000 respondents (3% of whom already owned an electric car) were surveyed for Italy. In total, the European sample consists of about 14,000 consumers (5% of whom own electric cars).


The survey was conducted using CAWI methodology (i.e., by administering a digital questionnaire sent via the Web).

The results of the questions submitted to the respondents were used to:
Perform a CHOICE EXPERIMENT, a type of survey that does not directly ask consumers to state their intention to purchase an electric car, but measures their willingness to pay different price thresholds as certain attributes (e.g., running costs, driving range) change;
Build a CHOICE MODEL to forecast the demand for different fuels until 2050;
Develop electric car DEMAND SCENARIOS to illustrate the effectiveness of different policy interventions and the impact of technological evolution.

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The study estimates consumer demand for electric cars, not registrations.
In order to turn them into real purchases, demand needs that the supply and the context are aligned with consumer expectations and needs


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MOTUS-E is an association formed by industrial operators, academia and associations with the aim of accelerating the development of electric mobility in Italy through dialogue with institutions, public involvement and training and information programs.

It was founded in May 2018 and now has about 80 associates and partners including OEMs, utilities, electric infrastructure and charging providers, battery supply chain, consulting firms, rental companies, universities, environmental and consumer associations