16 February 2024

Service Day 2024: Generazione Post Vendita. The main theme of the fourth edition.

The fourth edition of Service Day – the event by Quintegia born from an idea by AsConAuto, dedicated to dealer, authorized and independent repairers, automotive manufacturers, body shops and all companies involved in the after-sales chain – will take place from October 24th to 25th at VeronaFiere.
Generazione Post Vendita” is the main theme of the event, which will be developed through: a rich program of appointments, training, and reflections in the presence of speakers and guests from both within and outside the industry; the exhibition in the business area of services, products, and solutions; update meetings to create synergies and networking opportunities.
At the center of the debate is precisely the period of great change that the Post Vendita is experiencing and to which the protagonists must face, both in terms of innovation technology both in terms of human resources, two fundamental assets to increase productivity, generate business, and make the sector contemporary and up to date.

“After-sales is evolving towards becoming a 360-degree service hub to offer customers tailor-made experiences, thanks to a mix of technological innovation and training. Human resources thus represent a fundamental asset for improving organizational aspects, customer experience, and the performance of operators aimed at customer loyalty. This is why Generazione Post Vendita has been chosen as the main theme of the 2024 edition.
Never before has it been as crucial as it is now to bring together industry operators – namely car manufacturers, dealer, repairers, and suppliers – to build an integrated platform of products and services for better mobility, which also involves the service” explains Luca Montagner, President of Quintegia.

The most evident evolution is linked to the broad concept of mobility, which reflects on the aspect of vehicle maintenance and care: from sales methods to the very way of using and conceiving the use of the car. This reflection is seen in the transformation of after-sales organizational processes, which necessitates the creation of different architectures to allow for an increasingly tailor-made service. Such service is centered around the end user and capable of meeting their needs, serving as a key factor for success.
In order to cope with an increasingly complex and technological system, therefore, becomes fundamental the training of personnel so as to create a virtuous system that, on one hand, allows for improving performance, even in terms of time and management, while on the other hand leads to the creation of new professional figures. The term RE-Generation encapsulates the need to develop a new generation of industry operators who can steer the sector towards the future.

The estimates for the repair sector in Italy for 2023 indicate a total turnover at the end customer level of over 33 billion euros (including tires and bodywork and excluding warranty interventions) and are over 45,000 are the operators dedicated to maintenance and repair activities (including bodyshop and tires).

Information is available on the event’s website: www.serviceday.it