31 May 2024

Service Management Academy: The New Frontier of Training for Automotive After-Sales

Automotive Dealer Day saw Quintegia and AsConAuto present the Service Management Academy, an intensive training program designed for after-sales professionals in the automotive industry. This course, designed to update and enhance skills, offers practical and concrete tools to tackle the current and future challenges of the industry. 

Overview of the Automotive After-Sales Market 

The automotive after-sales market is undergoing significant changes. In Italy, the average age of vehicles on the road exceeds 12 years, which leads to an increase in average maintenance costs, a positive development for industry operators. However, the complexity related to new powertrains is also increasing, making continuous skills updating essential. 

The number of repair technicians is decreasing, and there is great difficulty in recruiting new technicians, a challenge that requires attention and innovative solutions. After-sales service customers seek convenience and simplicity as key elements in their choice, demanding tailored services, and are increasingly willing to use technology at various stages of the process. 

Operators are pushing towards innovation, offering new and integrated services to better meet customer needs. 

What does the customer want in service? 

Customers seek quality and reliability in after-sales services. The lack of these elements is the main reason for changing service providers, with 60% of customers stating they do so for this reason. Transparency in pricing and explanations is crucial, and over 50% of customers search for information online before taking their car for service. However, this information is often insufficient or lacking in detail (Source: Quintegia Service Customer Study 2023). 

The customer experience is based on convenience, flexibility, and hospitality. It is essential to offer the ability to book online, have flexible hours, and provide quality waiting areas. Additionally, customers appreciate dedicated offers, tailored packages, alternative mobility solutions, and making the most of vehicle connectivity. 

A comprehensive program to address the challenges of the industry

The Service Management Academy addresses the needs of the automotive industry with a program covering crucial topics, including recent strategic developments, economic management, leadership, and people management. This course aims to optimize profitability and economic efficiency, motivate teams, and improve productivity.

The training includes innovative marketing strategies to attract and retain customers, skills in project management, and operational management to excel in daily management and strategic growth. A key aspect is the integration of sustainability (ESG) into business operations, demonstrating the benefits of sustainable practices.

Structured into eight macro areas, the program offers a comprehensive overview of the automotive industry, analyzing trends such as electric vehicles, digitalization, sustainability, innovation, and service personalization. Leadership skills, economic management, people management, sustainability, marketing, project management, and operational management are thoroughly explored to provide a balanced perspective between managerial and operational needs.

The Service Management Academy is an opportunity for automotive after-sales professionals, offering practical tools to excel in daily management and strategic growth. Subscribe now to transform your skills and take your career to the next level.