21 May 2020

The 2020 edition of Automotive Dealer Day is digital!

Live on the Quintegia social channels, the President Leonardo Buzzavo announced on Tuesday the transformation of the 18th edition of Automotive Dealer Day in a completely digitalized version.
A new frame for the best of the interactions, of the insights and of the business relationships that have always characterized the event.

This is not a simple declination on streaming of the contents with various speakers and workshops, but a solution that allows you to also maintain the dimension of networking and exhibition area, just as the many synergies including company and carmakers meetings bringing the spirit of the event online: “ We have chosen to innovate with a digital upgrade that isn’t just an amount of webinars but an actual jump that recreates the whole expression of Automotive Dealer Day”.

The event payoff ‘Business Explorers’, chosen before the emergency broke out, represents what Quintegia and all the operators in the automotive business are asked to be in this 2020, explorers: “ We are all actors in this transformation that has brought difficult moments and criticality for many companies, but also a new way of working, new business models, a new ecosystem”.

In its digital version, the event will take place over two days, on Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th of September 2020, in which all the industry players could gather in a digital platform in the “real B2B appointment of the year”.
Since its creation in 2003, Automotive Dealer Day has changed the way of doing business in the world of car distribution, and today in 2020 it has to do it again, focusing on technology, new ways of usage and contents.
The invitation is therefore get ready to “live a great opportunity of innovation training for Quintegia and for the entire industry”.

The complete live recording is available by clicking here.