13 November 2023

The crucial role of the dealer in the era of innovation in the mobility sector.

The mobility sector is undergoing significant changes, making it essential to conduct an in-depth analysis of the dealer’s role, their value proposition, and how their services evolve to meet customer needs. The dealer is no longer just an intermediary; they have become a key element in the customer experience.

Since 2018, Quintegia has conducted the Automotive Customer Study annually, exploring consumer attitudes, expectations, and behaviors in the automotive sector with the goal of understanding customer thoughts and experiences throughout their purchasing journey, focusing particularly on the retail dimension.

The Importance of Brand Experience

Analyzing the responses of respondents regarding brand experience and the role of the Dealer and Brand, it is evident that, when comparing 2023 data with that of 2022, consumers tend to identify more as customers of the Dealer rather than the Brand, or at least, equally with both. This indicates a growing importance attributed to the dealer’s role in the purchasing process, a fact confirmed by an analysis that specifically focuses on Premium or Generalist vehicle types.

However, this does not imply a conflict between Brand and Dealer. For consumers, the brand is still a fundamental element in the dealership, carrying with it values, emotions, and a reputation of which the dealer is the primary custodian at the local level. Approximately 91% of respondents consider it essential that the dealership is not only a point of sale but also a place to experience the brand.

Price isn’t everything

The evolution of the automotive consumer is once again demonstrated by the fact that price is not the primary determining factor in choosing a dealership to rely on locally. Only 6% of preferences are directed towards dealerships that offer more competitive prices, while 94% prefer values such as quality service, expert support and trust.

Innovation and Brand Strategy

These data underscore how Brand strategies, regardless of the type of contractual relationship with the Dealer, must necessarily include the dealership as a central figure, not only for commercial activities but also for promoting the brand’s value proposition.

Dealers: navigators in the automotive future

In summary, we are entering an era where innovation and digital transformation are no longer optional but the norm. In this rapidly changing landscape, the dealer emerges as a key figure to bridge the gap between the consumer and the brand, and to provide a cohesive and meaningful customer experience. Therefore, in conclusion, it is essential and strategic for dealerships to continually adapt and evolve, focusing on service quality, expertise, and building trust relationships with customers, as well as collaboration and cooperation with brands, to meet and exceed consumer expectations in the ever-evolving automotive context.