27 May 2020

Automotive Forum LIVE: the new online format edited by Quintegia


Over the last few months, in the automotive distribution industry, a very challenging combination has emerged between long-existing transformation drivers and new compelling needs resulted from the health emergency. This brought us to reconsider how we work, the business model – with specific attention to balancing sources of revenue and cost structures – and organizational layouts.

The need to increase the frequency of moments for discussion and in-depth analysis on relevant topics, has driven Quintegia to study and develop a new content format dedicated to the car distribution community, which will come to life in June 2020.
It is a simple format, built by a series of episodes, intended to cover a perceived gap in the current panorama of business community appointments. While the current scenario already offers many contents focused on news and/or product insights, the Quintegia format, grafting on its ongoing research activity, focuses on insights about retail, marketing, digitalization, customer journey and services looking at the range of existing tools to support a greater efficiency and efficacy.

Characterized by Quintegia’s traditional attention for contents, the format is designed to have high usability as it will be accessible both in live and on demand modality for all the interested public.
The contents of the appointments include analysis and implications on specific topics concerning the car and service distribution, realized through a well-finished mix of experts, industry players and third voices, data and trends, available tools and solutions. Besides dealer’s contribution and best practices, the format will also feature a participation of outstanding voices from carmakers.

Automotive Forum LIVE, whose debut is expected in the second part of June 2020, is meant to enrich the picture of contents and tools available for the community, but positioning in an evolution perspective to walk with players through and beyond the reorganization.