23 May 2024

DealerSTAT 2024: Toyota Triumphs as the No.1 Brand for Italian Dealers

Toyota wins the 2024 DealerSTAT award as the No.1 brand for Italian dealers, breaking a three-year streak where Porsche was the award’s winner. This was revealed in the twenty-first edition of DealerSTAT, the annual study by Quintegia that measures the satisfaction level of dealers in their relationships with automotive manufacturers. At the top of the ranking is Toyota, with a rating of 4.22 (on a satisfaction index from 1 to 5, with an Italian average of 3.35). Completing the podium are Porsche and BMW, ranked first among luxury and premium brands, respectively. Suzuki and Mazda also made it into the Top 5.

According to the study results, which involved 34 car brands and 66% of Italian dealers (A historic record for the representation of the entire Italian distribution network) with a total of 1,401 questionnaires collected, the most appreciated aspect by Toyota dealers is the product warranty offered to customers. Additionally, the Japanese manufacturer topped the rankings in after-sales management and financial services.

The results by management area, recorded at an average level for car dealers of the 34 analyzed brands, show stable satisfaction. However, delving into the details, the most appreciated and growing aspects are relationships (3.64), national marketing for new cars (3.5), and sales management (3.48). However, compared to last year, profitability (3.02) and manufacturer margins (3.04) have declined. Among the least appreciated areas, business sales (2.79) and local marketing for new cars (2.87) remain at the bottom.

BMW Leads in Dealer Satisfaction During the Transition to Electric Vehicles

During the transition to electric vehicles, finding the right balance between range and powertrains in the short term is a complex challenge. Dealer satisfaction with electric vehicles was analyzed by evaluating, among the 28 brands with electric products, not only the competitiveness of the range but also the brand guidelines, training, marketing initiatives, and the support provided to dealers to enable customers to adopt new technologies.

BMW stood out by achieving the highest score, with a rating of 3.87 on a scale from 1 to 5, compared to an Italian average of 3.00. Porsche also made it to the podium, followed by Mini in third place.

DealerSTAT recognizes BYD as the most desired brand by dealers in 2024.

Until 2018, DealerSTAT awarded the prize for the most desired mandate by Italian dealers. This year, the award has been reintroduced for a special category dedicated to new brands. Dealers were asked which emerging brand they would choose to add to their portfolio among those that entered Europe and had fewer than 1,000 registrations in Italy in 2023. The survey data shows that 60% of dealers are interested in evaluating new brands.

BYD received 32% of the votes, making it the most promising brand for 2024 according to dealers. Omoda and Nio follow on the podium. This recognition reflects the growing interest in these new brands in the Italian automotive landscape and their potential expansion in the market.

Ford Pro: The Most Appreciated Brand by Light Commercial Vehicle Dealers in 2023

As every year, DealerSTAT also involved commercial vehicle dealers, collecting a sample of over 400 questionnaires representing 63% of Italian dealers. Ford Pro is confirmed as the most appreciated brand by Light Commercial Vehicle dealers with a rating of 3.81, compared to the Italian average of 3.05 (up from 2023).

Ford Pro topped multiple areas analyzed: national marketing on new products, incentive policies, training, product, sales and after-sales management. The most appreciated aspect by Ford Pro dealers is the effectiveness of the personnel’s role in sales and after-sales area.

To receive a summary of the results, send an email to: sintesi@quintegia.it