The objective of the study is to provide a valuable periodic tool to chart the relationship between Manufacturers and Dealer Networks through the opinion of Italian dealers and, in the most in-depth form by individual brand, a customized report useful to automakers as a source of knowledge about their Network and improvement actions, with specific elements of comparative and historical analysis


DealerSTAT analyzes the relationship between automakers and the Network through the satisfaction level of Italian dealers. The study considers the different aspects of the tenure relationship and individual management activities through a questionnaire of more than 60 questions, aimed at identifying strengths and weaknesses but especially critical areas and room for improvement for each brand.


Data collection lasts for about two months (during March-April 2022) and is carried out by means of a qualitative-quantitative questionnaire aimed at studying different management areas. A distinctive feature of the firm is the direct channel through which dealers can express their degree of satisfaction, freely and anonymously via e-mail, while also providing practical and targeted suggestions in different areas.

Transparency to participating dealers is a key element, and to this end a summary of the study is produced and mailed to all who fill out the questionnaire. The results of the 2022 survey will be previewed at the Automotive Dealer Day 2022 Forum in Verona, Italy on May 17-18-19, 2022, with awards being presented to the top-rated houses. Full DealerSTAT reports may be requested by automakers, to whom only data in aggregate form will be provided, ensuring anonymity of respondents.

Brands analyzed

DealerSTAT monitors dealer satisfaction with the following 33 car brands:

It also involves 11 commercial vehicle brands:

The survey of the 19th edition of the DealerSTAT Study, which annually, through the voice of dealers, highlights areas of strength and areas for improvement for each brand by stimulating moments of discussion with the management of the Houses and promoting development and alignment activities with the Network, has ended.
We thank all the dealers who participated, and the results were previewed at Automotive Dealer Day 2022 in Verona May 17-19.
Below we present the winners of he prizes awarded. To receive the public summary of the results send an email to sintesi@quintegia.it.


No. 1 in Car Dealer Satisfaction 2022

Porsche confirms itself as the No. 1 brand in Car Dealer Satisfaction. The award was presented May 18 to the CEO of Porsche Italy, Pietro Innocenti, during the Automotive Dealer Day Forum.

Porsche won the award with a score of 4.11 (on a scale of 1 to 5) compared to the Italy average of 3.31. Toyota and Cupra complete the podium.

The survey aims to collect the evaluations of dealership owners in different business areas through more than 60 questions. The Stuttgart-based company came out on top in several areas: in profitability, relationship, sales management, after-sales management, training, and customer experience. The aspect most valued by Porsche dealers is the profitability of the new sales area.

The survey of the 19th edition took place from March 8 to April 14, involved 33 brands and more than 60 percent of Italian dealers, with a total of 1,378 questionnaires collected.


No.1 in Network support for ESG 2022 sustainability initiatives.

Toyota, for Italian dealers, is the brand that best supports the network for ESG sustainability initiatives. Collecting the award on May 18 during the Automotive Dealer Day Forum was Toyota Managing Director Luigi Ksawery Lucà.

Toyota distinguished itself in network support for ESG sustainability initiatives by scoring the highest with a rating of 4.19 (on a scale of 1 to 5), compared to the Italy average of 3.03. Next in the ranking are Lexus, Bmw, Mini and Suzuki.


No.1 in Electrification 2022

Volvo is the brand that Italian dealers say is best interpreting the electrification process. So says the DealerSTAT award that was presented May 18 to Volvo Italy president and CEO Michele Crisci during the Automotive Dealer Day Forum.

Through DealerSTAT, three important aspects related to the electrification process were investigated: the competitiveness of the range of electric cars in the next three years (Plug-in and Full Electric), the completeness of the offering to support sales, and support for dealers with guidelines and training. Volvo, with a score of 4.04 (on a rating from 1 to 5), compared to the Italy average of 3.21, is the brand that dealers say is best interpreting the electrification process. Renault, Porsche, Audi and BMW complete the top5.


No. 1 in Commercial Vehicle Dealer Satisfaction 2022

Mercedes-Benz is the most popular brand among Light Commercial Vehicle dealers. For the third consecutive year, the House of the Three-pointed Star won the DealerSTAT award as Mandate No. 1 in Commercial Vehicle Dealer Satisfaction. The award, collected by Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Italy Vans, Dario Albano, was presented today during Automotive Dealer Day

Regarding the LCV category, the DealerSTAT survey conducted between March 8 and April 14 involved 11 brands and 58 percent of Italian dealers who expressed their opinions by filling out more than 400 questionnaires. Mercedes-Benz won the award with a score of 3.92 (on a rating scale of 1 to 5), compared with the Italy average of 3.05.

Study on automotive consumer trends and attitudes

Quintegia annually since 2018 has been conducting the Automotive Customer Study, an observatory on automotive consumer behaviors, attitudes and expectations.

The goal is to collect and deepen the customer’s point of view at different stages of the customer journey, with particular attention to the retail dimension, to intercept needs and desires in order to innovate the customer experience.

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