11 May 2022

Interview with Miriam Loiacono – CEO, Autoclub

What does gender equality mean to you?
Gender equality means providing the same opportunities for growth and career satisfaction to every individual, regardless of their gender.

In your opinion, why is it important for companies to embrace gender equality?
Often, female labor is viewed by companies as limiting and problematic due to the biological roles women fulfill within the family (maternity, breastfeeding) and the greater social burden that often falls on women in terms of caregiving responsibilities (caring for minor children, elderly parents, disabled individuals, etc.). In reality, female labor is often more valuable due to precision, dedication, and a sense of responsibility. Furthermore, any company committed to social sustainability must contribute to achieving gender equality, which is aimed at the overall growth of society.

In your opinion, what are the main challenges perceived or faced by workers in a company that does not yet implement concrete actions on gender equality?
If a female worker cannot rely on the company’s willingness to offer more flexible hours or part-time options, she will often experience anxiety about balancing work and family life. Her anxieties may not put her in the best condition to pursue professional growth and challenging goals.

What is the percentage of women in your company, and what is the percentage of women in managerial positions in your company?
The percentage of female employees is 28%, and out of 100 managers, 15% are women.

Is gender equality considered necessary in your workplace? How?
The company is willing to provide more flexibility in working hours, even by offering part-time contracts, even though they are not economically advantageous for the company itself. Male employees also readily accept these accommodations provided to the female workforce without objections.

Are you aware of any concrete actions on gender equality in other companies or contexts?
All of these initiatives significantly improve the workplace environment, reward employees for their contributions to the company, regardless of gender. With everyone benefiting from the same incentive programs, all employees are motivated to achieve the company’s goals.