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Leonardo Buzzavo

Scientific Coordinator


Associate Professor at the Management Department of Ca’ Foscari University in Venice where he earned a B.A. and Ph.D. in Business Administration, with one year of study at UCLA – University of California Los Angeles.

At Ca’ Foscari, where he conceived and directed the Ca’ Foscari Digital Week and the Ca’ Foscari Alumni Association, he coordinates the Master’s Degree Course in Marketing and Communication.

The passion and curiosity for cars and their contexts, vivid since his early years, have then catapulted him into research paths including two decades of work with the research network ICDP – International Car Distribution Programme, with speaking engagements at over 250 conferences in 20 countries across all continents, mainly on marketing and distribution topics.

Co-founder of Quintegia, he is the creator and Program Coordinator of Automotive Dealer Day which reaches its 20th edition in 2022.

After attending four editions of the “Burning Man Festival” in the Nevada desert in the first decade of the new century, in 2010 for his 40th birthday he chose the Lebanese city of Byblos, counted among the oldest ports in the world and one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities for humanity.

Shortly after he met the woman of his life who gave him three beautiful children with whom he constantly rediscovers the wonder and amazement of life.